Big Data Philippines

Big Data is all about large or exponential sets of data that cannot be processed by traditional data processing. Literally, these big chunks of processed information are used by many companies to analyze and study for its benefits. The mere fact that it is big, systems and best approach are needed to make it effective.

What is Big Data Philippines?

In the Philippines, companies are struggling with many information or data as to how are they going to manage and process all in a very effective, efficient, and systematic way. Perhaps, it really consumes too much time, money, and effort if you do it manually. But, once and for all, why does big data matter to many businesses and companies? Let’s find it out by scrutinizing its role and importance to all entities here in the Philippines.


Big Data has many struggles such as analysis, capture, data curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, querying, updating, and privacy. So each data sets are meant to undergo a series of processes in order to be efficient for any businesses. Imagine how big data is and how are you going to handle it in a traditional way? One thing is for sure, graveyard shifts are not enough if you choose to process it manually. You can do it but it will take the time to accomplish. Do not forget the compensation or money, utilities, and the most important here is the person who will make it happen.

How can we describe BIG DATA?

We can understand Big Data Philippines by defining and describing the characteristic it has. How big is that big data? How small is that big data? what is the limitation? how fast or slow? How good or bad? or what type it is? These are just some questions to describe what big data is al about. Generally speaking, it is very self-explanatory.

Data Volume

This is the quantity of generated data. The size also determines it value whether small or big.

Data Variety

This is the nature and type of data whatever it is.

Data Variability

This is the inconsistency of the data.

Data Veracity

This is the quality of generated and processed data.

Data Velocity

This is the speed of how data was processed and generated.

Applications and Uses of BIG DATA

Big companies in Philippines use big data sets. Almost all companies whether big or small or medium use data and information to improve their service, assess their performances, innovate their products, win the competitions in the market, provide solutions to other problems, and many more uses that utilize information. Let us describe some of the ap[lications or uses of data so that we can conclude on how really big data play its role in all companithe PhilippinesPhilippines.

Study Customers

Aside from studying or analyzing the company itself, the customers’ data are used by many companies for their improvement in terms of sales and profits and of course in terms of service.

Optimize Business processes

Without big data, it is impossible to optimize business operations, systems, and processes. Why? Because data are used to determine if they need to change plan or strategy.

Personal or Individual performance optimization

Inside the organization or company, there are many data that need to be analyzed by business owners and management. The administration’s use these data to promote, demote, or to maintain status quo.

Health Care and Public Health

There are many data in health especially in sickness, death, injuries, accidents, fatal diseases, and many others that concerns with health. The figures and information are always coming in for the record and analysis.

Sports Performance

Sports uses also big data for their vital statistics, athletes’ achievements, sports improvement in many aspects such as health, technology, safety, and more.

Science and Research

Obviously, science always deal with data to solve a particular problem, study probabilities, research unknown data, and other information needed.

Machine and Device Performance

Big data is also used in any machines and devices especially mobile, latest technologies based on data to improve its performance and usability.

Security and Law Enforcement

It is imperative that security uses data statistics to determine any possibilities and cause and effect of a certain situation or case.

Cities and Countries Improvement

Census, population, mortality, and other statistics are used to study each city or country to determine what need to be done respectively.

Financial Trading

This is the most popular user of big data specifically those in investments.



BIG DATA is indispensable whether you like it or not it is the basis of many entities, companies. organizations, and other groups to make decisions whatever it is.

Big Data Philippines is all about huge information to be analyzed by Business analysts for Business analytics using intelligence tools.

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