Big Data Philippines

Big Data is all about large or exponential sets of data that cannot be processed by traditional data processing. Literally, these big chunks of processed information are used by many companies to analyze and study for its benefits. The mere fact that it is big, systems and best approach are needed to make it effective. […]

Business Intelligence Philippines

Business Intelligence is currently on trend in Sg. It is literally rocking the digital world because of the tools and systems it gives to all businesses to transform and convert raw information or data for decision-making purposes that eventually beneficial to all entities. What is Business Intelligence? We have defined Business Analytics before and for […]

Business Analytics Philippines

Business Analytics Philippines is the best solutions used by many companies today for a data-driven decision making to solve certain problems both for business and its constituents. Its top purpose is to provide solutions by statistics that will help and improve its system and performance. What is Business Analytics?   We are already in the […]