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Why Blogging Philippines

Blogging started out as a means of expression for individuals, enabling them to share their views and opinions about their inclinations and interests in life.  Blogs still serve as a public avenue for this kind of reflective activities.  However,  it has evolved into a more complex cyber-sphere and a very powerful tool in the hands of different people from all walks of life with different purposes:

Blog to network with people with same interests as yours

We are now living in a global village and people from different parts of the world can connect with each other through blogs.  Whether your passion is for the arts or sciences, technology or philosophy, or anything under the sun, you can easily build networks of people of the same inclination and form a club or group through blogs and share knowledge or information that would benefit the enthusiasts of a specific field of interest.

Blog for PR and Advocacy

For those who work or push for campaigns and different forms of PR and Advocacy, blogging has become a powerful tool to persuade and recruit followers.  Even religious groups and various sects make use of blogs to promote their beliefs and convince people to join them.  Words and infographics have become powerful tools of persuasion today for those who blog to advocate certain beliefs and even doctrines.

Blog to Build Professional Network

The easiest way to build professional networks without the hassle of travelling from one place to another is to blog.  You can be able to establish your niche online and be able to gain access to various organizations worldwide that could provide your professional needs and requirements.

Blog to Make Money Online

Business establishments create blogs primarily to expand online presence, connect with potential clients, promote their brand, and even generate online revenue. Beyond these results, businesses use content marketing to rank their posts among search engines in order to generate residual leads and income.

Blog to establish your Authority in Your Industry

Authority is easily established when people read your blogs.  When your blog becomes popular, it becomes a powerful tool to serve your purposes for your audiences.  Your blog is a direct advertisement of your credibility, reliability and authority.  When people trust and believe you, you have the ability to endorse beliefs or even sell products and services. You can also serve as an agency to meet the needs of people online.

Blog to help and guide people

blogs can also serve as a source of information, guidance and reference.  Blogging can help other people not to make the same mistakes as you did.  You can publish information that can provide instructions or warnings to prevent harm. Government agencies made use of blogs for public information and services, likewise.

Blog to educate and share your knowledge

teachers and educators have learned how to blog for educational purposes.   If you love teaching, blogging can be a means and opportunity to educate those who may be interested in your field of expertise. The best part is that, as you start building your resources on your blog to teach others, you will discover opportunities to monetize your blog by creating instructional products/materials and even offer your services online.

  • The truth is there are endless opportunities in blogging and we are still discovering them.  Brilliant ideas come into our mind and because blogging gives us a chance to connect globally, we are able to tap into a wide range of online resources that come to us at a minimal expense.  And because blogging utilizes the visual and interactive media, this allows room for creativity and ingenuity which matters much to the millennial audience. Algorithms make it possible to measure data and information online, so money comes in when your blog becomes really popular.  When your blog becomes in demand, you may, even unexpectedly enjoy the benefits  and  paybacks of your endeavor.
  • For those who do not have the luxury of time to design and maintain their own blogs, you can also commission professional bloggers to do the job for you.   Blogging is powerful because of the unimaginable speed of being able to reach people on a global scale with the simple push of buttons.  Power, authority, popularity, influence and profit are all paybacks of excellent blogs. Those who are smart and wise will utilize blogging to secure desired results and have an edge over others who wanted the same marks.
  • As Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Why wait when you can facilitate? Why take risks when you can secure a sure end? Why go manual when you could opt for what modern technology has to offer? Why keep beneficial information to yourself when you can share it to others very easily? Why lag behind when you can blog ahead?
benefits of website for business

7 Benefits of a Website for your Business

Easy Access for Target Market and Stakeholders

Research reveals that 6 out of 10 customers nowadays expect online presence from businesses. Customers likewise save time, money and energy by searching prospective businesses that could provide their needs in the most practical ways. They read and largely rely on online reviews and customer testimonials for their purchasing choices and decisions. On the other hand, stakeholders such as sponsors, advertisers and investors also consider online presence to serve their investment goals.

Most Practical and Economical Way to Promote Your Products and Services

Renting space for a business outlet is too costly for small scale entrepreneurs. Moreover, paying for a sales staff or promodizer would demand much overhead expenditure. This is why a website is considered the most practical

and economical means to promote your products and/or services. Everything that your client needs to know can easily be accessed here and

purchase can be done online. This saves a lot of time and resources on both ends. Commodities usually come even cheaper online because investors are able to economize on their capital.

Your Business Becomes More Reliable for Clients

Nowadays, customers put more value on businesses that have websites as compared to those without online presence. In an e-commerce age, a website is a primary requirement. Moreover, professionally redesigning your website makes your business more credible and appealing to your clients. It also elicits greater confidence among potential buyers. If your business is home-based, it will greatly benefit from a professionally designed website. In the absence of a store-front, it will serve as your customers’ access point for service, inquiry, purchase and update.

Customer Care and Service is Made Easier

Your website features can cater to challenges on customer care and service. It can readily contain all the information that your clients need, ranging from product information, product catalogue, special promotions,, upcoming events, product launching, price adjustments to interactive product testimonials and forum which greatly strengthen the credibility and market viability of your products/services. Client inquiry and processing of warranties may also be included in the website features. There are endless possibilities for those who are willing to explore a website’s business potential, especially in dealing with a target market. By including

an FAQ page and uploading brochures, manuals, instructional videos, survey results and other materials essential to a product or service offered, customer trust and confidence can be easily be gained.

Online Transactions Save Time and Eliminates Tedious Paper Requirements

Entertaining telephone inquiries, on the spot cash/sales processing and interpersonal promotions require much of your time but having a website does the job and keeps your business running 24/7. It even eliminates tedious paper requirements since all documents are made available online and are likewise printable when needed. Saving time is synonymous to saving money which is an advantage for every business. Keeping your business running globally without the limits of time and human resource will surely jumpstart your venture.

Market Monitoring is Made Possible Through In Depth Analytics Data

Your business can generate income not only from sales but also from sponsors and advertisers through in depth analytics data. There are no “hits” and “misses” on this because everything is computer-generated. Using your website as a marketing and analytics tool provides real time on the following:

  • Demographics of your visitors
  • How they find your site
  • Frequency of visit to your site (daily/weekly/monthly)
  • Website pages most often visited
  • Amount of time spent on each page
  • Frequency of visit/revisit of to your site
  • More in depth analytics will depend on whether
  • You also make use of “pay per click advertising”

Business Niching and Market Reach is Revolutionized

User-generated content is so valuable to online users nowadays. With over 3.5 billon Google searches, transpiring each day, your product and business is one click away to potential customers globally 24/7. Business websites and even links allow potential clients to access your site and learn about your business offers. Words and terms that identify your business give you a niche in the global market as your market reach is revolutionized through

the marvels of search engines used by your potential online customers.


Years ago, people would use the Yellow Pages to search for products and services that they need. The Digital Age has greatly made this course of action obsolete and has established the dependency of the millennial generation to the online media for their needs and lifetime requirements. This brought about a major paradigm shift in the business environment and necessitated online presence in an e-commerce era. Thus, the viability of your business depend on your ability to adapt. So before you miss out on the benefits of an online presence, consider putting up a professionally designed website for your business now!

Big Data Philippines

Big Data is all about large or exponential sets of data that cannot be processed by traditional data processing. Literally, these big chunks of processed information are used by many companies to analyze and study for its benefits. The mere fact that it is big, systems and best approach are needed to make it effective.

What is Big Data Philippines?

In the Philippines, companies are struggling with many information or data as to how are they going to manage and process all in a very effective, efficient, and systematic way. Perhaps, it really consumes too much time, money, and effort if you do it manually. But, once and for all, why does big data matter to many businesses and companies? Let’s find it out by scrutinizing its role and importance to all entities here in the Philippines.


Big Data has many struggles such as analysis, capture, data curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, querying, updating, and privacy. So each data sets are meant to undergo a series of processes in order to be efficient for any businesses. Imagine how big data is and how are you going to handle it in a traditional way? One thing is for sure, graveyard shifts are not enough if you choose to process it manually. You can do it but it will take the time to accomplish. Do not forget the compensation or money, utilities, and the most important here is the person who will make it happen.

How can we describe BIG DATA?

We can understand Big Data Philippines by defining and describing the characteristic it has. How big is that big data? How small is that big data? what is the limitation? how fast or slow? How good or bad? or what type it is? These are just some questions to describe what big data is al about. Generally speaking, it is very self-explanatory.

Data Volume

This is the quantity of generated data. The size also determines it value whether small or big.

Data Variety

This is the nature and type of data whatever it is.

Data Variability

This is the inconsistency of the data.

Data Veracity

This is the quality of generated and processed data.

Data Velocity

This is the speed of how data was processed and generated.

Applications and Uses of BIG DATA

Big companies in Philippines use big data sets. Almost all companies whether big or small or medium use data and information to improve their service, assess their performances, innovate their products, win the competitions in the market, provide solutions to other problems, and many more uses that utilize information. Let us describe some of the ap[lications or uses of data so that we can conclude on how really big data play its role in all companithe PhilippinesPhilippines.

Study Customers

Aside from studying or analyzing the company itself, the customers’ data are used by many companies for their improvement in terms of sales and profits and of course in terms of service.

Optimize Business processes

Without big data, it is impossible to optimize business operations, systems, and processes. Why? Because data are used to determine if they need to change plan or strategy.

Personal or Individual performance optimization

Inside the organization or company, there are many data that need to be analyzed by business owners and management. The administration’s use these data to promote, demote, or to maintain status quo.

Health Care and Public Health

There are many data in health especially in sickness, death, injuries, accidents, fatal diseases, and many others that concerns with health. The figures and information are always coming in for the record and analysis.

Sports Performance

Sports uses also big data for their vital statistics, athletes’ achievements, sports improvement in many aspects such as health, technology, safety, and more.

Science and Research

Obviously, science always deal with data to solve a particular problem, study probabilities, research unknown data, and other information needed.

Machine and Device Performance

Big data is also used in any machines and devices especially mobile, latest technologies based on data to improve its performance and usability.

Security and Law Enforcement

It is imperative that security uses data statistics to determine any possibilities and cause and effect of a certain situation or case.

Cities and Countries Improvement

Census, population, mortality, and other statistics are used to study each city or country to determine what need to be done respectively.

Financial Trading

This is the most popular user of big data specifically those in investments.



BIG DATA is indispensable whether you like it or not it is the basis of many entities, companies. organizations, and other groups to make decisions whatever it is.

Big Data Philippines is all about huge information to be analyzed by Business analysts for Business analytics using intelligence tools.

Business Intelligence Philippines

Business Intelligence is currently on trend in Sg. It is literally rocking the digital world because of the tools and systems it gives to all businesses to transform and convert raw information or data for decision-making purposes that eventually beneficial to all entities.

What is Business Intelligence?

We have defined Business Analytics before and for your information, Business Intelligence or BI is often compared to BA due to common goals and objectives. But what is this Business once and for all? Remember that Philippines is one of the countries that have the best economy and it is due to businesses here.

BI is indispensable here in the Philippines. Whether you like it or not, all companies must practice this and master it if necessary because it will help all operations and management to succeed in many aspects.

Technically speaking, BI has set of rules, techniques, strategies, principles, and methods or tools, to convert or transform raw information for business analysis. Okay, we reiterate that BI is a set of techniques to help business analysts to study all information for business success. What are those tools? We will find it out!

Business Intelligence Tools

DOMO is the best BI tools today due to its powerful features and of course usability experience.

As you would see in the screenshots, a tough task like business analysis will be easy because of this BI tools like DOMO. We are very proud that we are the pioneer of DOMO here in Philippines and definitely the best solution for businesses here in Philippines!

DOMO is a business management suite that combines all data sources from spreadsheets, database, social media, and other cloud-based software solutions. DOMO is 100% cloud-based thus it is very easy to use on the go!

What are the other tools?

There are many types of tools that can be used. We have spreadsheets, querying software, OLAP, digital dashboards, data mining, process visualization, data warehousing, local information systems. But the question is how do BI works using these tools?


These are the interactive application like Microsft Excel, Google Sheets, that are used for organizational, analysis, storage of data in tabular form.

Querying Software

Querying Software is used to generate reports that are human readable and easy to understand from different sources.


OLAP or Online Analytical Processing is often used for data discovery for report viewing, complex analytical calculations,  and predictive planning.

Digital Dashboards

Digital Dashboards are electronic interfaces used to consolidate data that provides in-depth business analysis.

Data Mining

Data Mining is a computational process of discovering patterns in large data.

Process Visualization

Process Visualization is a graphical utility that enables process administrators to visualize all process in a  business.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing used for reporting and data analysis. It is a core component of BI.

Local Information Systems

Local Information Systems is designed primarily for geographical reporting.


BI as what we have cited is a partner and crime of Business analysis. We can never perform any analysis without the intelligence from the tools we have mentioned above. Whatever the tools you have, the bottom line is to make all data available and ready for analysis for the benefits of any business or company.

Business Intelligence is the most important and exciting part in a businesses and companies because it equates with tools and techniques. If you fail to choose the best Business Intelligence tools, it will affect the entire business operation performance.

Business Analytics Philippines

Business Analytics Philippines is the best solutions used by many companies today for a data-driven decision making to solve certain problems both for business and its constituents. Its top purpose is to provide solutions by statistics that will help and improve its system and performance.

What is Business Analytics?


We are already in the digital era and whether we like it or not, we will always be moving forward. When did the last time you research or read any things that matter to you and to others? It is imperative that we tend to search rich information elsewhere just to solve any problems we have isn’t it?

Same in businesses in the Philippines, almost all companies spent time in research to improve their products and services! This is where Business Analytics comes in. We all know that Philippines is one of the successful countries in the world in terms of economy, security, and infrastructure.  What do you think is the reason why Sg is leading today? What really helped the companies or business here to thrive? What are the tools and technology that play its role to this growth? We will find it out as we dig deeper with Business Analytics!

Business Analytics

Business Analytics or BA is utilized to get very rich and big information in all sources to help any business to decide on what must be improved, solved, developed, and innovate. All processed information are fed to the company’s skilled data analysts that brainstorm and consolidate all data for further scrutiny.

Busines Analytics enable a data-driven company to help and solve any problems that exist using these data by automation or whatever means just to optimize any business operations.

Examples of Business Analytics Usage

The following are just some of the example of uses of BA., There might be some samples but in the meantime, we will focus on the common.

Data Mining

Used for data exploration to discover patterns and relationships

Statistical & Quantitative Analysis

This used statistics to explain why certain thing occurred.

Multivariate Testing

Experimentation is the best use of this by testing previous actions and decisions.

Predictive Analytics

This used foresight by predicting the outcome in the future.

Applications of Business Analytics


Banks are the most popular beneficial of BA. If you are going to look at any banks, they have the huge volume of data to be processed everyday. Most of the data are from customers accounts such as credits, debits, assets, and others information that need to be analyzed for future used. Banks used to analyze risks aside from their customers’ statistics.

Games Industry

Aside from banks, the Gaming industry is also the most common user of Business Analytics due to the enormous data from gamers, producers, developers, and many others. We all know that games are one of the most successful industry today and because of that many information or data are needed to analyze in order to innovate and grow.

Telecom Companies

We cannot deny the fact that telecommunications industry is one of the most popular and in-demand today. Billions of users or customers are utilizing the internet, SMS, and other communication technologies that resulted with big data from all customers.


BA is continuously evolving. It is very tough and cumbersome to handle all data everyday especially if you will combine all industries who use BA. It needs graveyard shifts to study all information being processed daily.

Bear in mind that the main goal of BA is to produce solutions and strategies out of the big data or processed information. Without analyzing the data all businesses can never grow and innovate their products and services.

Business Intelligence or BI is all about tools to analyze data so never confuse it with BA.

what is web design

What is Web Design

Web Design | What comes first in your mind when you hear it? Well honestly there are so many misinterpretations and misconceptions about website. To give more emphasis on this matter as many users or people are already misled, let’s emphasize the process of design that makes it different from website development or any kinds of designing.

Web Design

Design Process must be scientific. There is such thing as protocol or guidelines so that we can carry out the results effectively. It is not like word processing or any office automation. Web Design is an art and maybe a science which means you must abide certain rules and of course a scientific procedures so that you can solve a problem eventually.


In this process, there will be a brainstorming of the elements of the website. Colors, logo, layout, font, styles and many other parts of the website are being conceptualized.

How to plan once and for all? There are some designers who are just designing for the sake of design but not of art and usability. As what an old adage said, FAIL to PLAN is a PLAN to FAIL.

The steps below are the examples of how to plan a design:

  1. Ask a lot of questions about the project

  2. Write down all the answers and make a thorough analysis

  3. After brainstorming make the specific actions. Be realistic and scientific.

  4. Planning is all about conceptualizing and envisioning the best approach so be creative as much as possible


The design will be next after the planning of the website elements. In this step, HTML, CSS, JS and any other front-end tools are needed to be prepared.


To make it more appealing and convincing, Graphics Department or anyone who knows Photoshop needs to create mock-up design wherein clients can approve. In this stage, both ends will benefits because it will minimize repetition during the development stage. It will also help the web designer to think the best tool to use.


HTML will be sued to build the skeleton of the website prior to the planned design. Basically, HTML will put PSD into life but not that attractive. It will build the framework of design so that development will be organized.


Cascading Stylesheets will build up the skeleton or framework of the design. Somehow it will make the design appealing by using styles prior to the planned design. There are many approaches to do this but it will depend on the skills of the designers. There is external and internal stylesheets so whatever the best method just make it acceptable and user-friendly design.


Once HTML, CSS, JS, and others are prepared and drafted, it’s about time to develop it by hard coding up to the end. Web Developers in this stage will be in the climax. S series of tests are required to make it more effective.

There are times that client will request for add-on functionality that will require more programming tasks using PHP, XML, JS, and more. Whatever it is, make a website functional at this time and make all details in proper order. Do check these common mistakes in web development.


There must be a testing and Quality Assurance before putting it live. During this stage, errors will come and a few more tests are required. For instance, mobile responsiveness will be the top pick for a test. Also, browsers test is a must by opening it in Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and others.


  • Always remember that designing is an art.
  • Make is beautiful as best ss you can.
  • Create website for users by giving them clean and usability
  • Delegate tasks accordingly so that compromise will be avoided
  • Never limit yourself to be creative. Feel free to look at inspirations out there.
  • Never give up and follow your passion.
  • Always be cautious with mistakes in Design
Web Design

Save Pennies in Web Design

Do you want to know How to save money from Web Design ? There are many companies that offer such benefit but fail to deliver the benefits it promised. We will share you some tips on how to save some bucks so that you can have your own website at affordable price.

How to save money from Web Design

Saving money for premium quality and expensive services is not an easy thing to do. We all know that websites are expensive especially if we want a 100% quality design. However, we have some tips for you to take a look and feel free to think which one fits for your economic status.

Create Your Own Design Layout

Do you know Adobe Photoshop? Okay, that’s good. If you know how to use Photoshop you can lessen your budget for the creation of your website. How?  Just design your own and feel free to experiment. Look for Inspirations online and make a draft layout.

The benefits of having your layout are worth it. You will save money from conceptualizing the design, you will save also time and effort for them. In the long run, your website will easily be get finished since all they have to do is to make your design put to life.

Produce Your Own Contents

Another way to save money is to produce your own content for your website. This is self-explanatory. If you have your own contents, the developer and designer all have to do is to design and code. No more, No less!

Let us explain it to you. The moment you have the materials like images, texts, videos, and animations your developer task is to combine them all. Just tell them you want it this way (remember you have created your design layout)

Just send them the structure of your contents, for instance, the arrangement of menus or navigations, the titles of the pages, and the images to use respectively.

Create Your Social Media Accounts

So you have the layout and the contents right? While waiting for the design in ‘live’, why don’t you try to make your social media accounts and upload it there. In this way, you can make the first wave of your strategy to make sales or traffic for your website. Just make coming soon or any landing page while doing so.

Create Blogs in Free Blogging websites

Aside from creating social media accounts, feel free to us the top blogging websites such as blogger, tumbler, google+, Linkedin, and other free blogging platforms.



How to save money from Web Design is very simple. Just follow the tips above and you will lessen your budget for your website.

what is seo

What is SEO

How to increase your company sales using SEO | Many companies are fighting online to get more sales and profits. They use many strategies in mind and as a matter of fact, some of them are aggressive while others are just enjoying the ride. Honestly speaking, the competition nowadays is tighter than before.

How to increase your company sales using SEO

We are going to share here based on our professional experience with SEO strategies for several years. It means to say that what you will learn here are 100% proven and tested.

  • Analyze and brainstorm who your targets are

Initially, studying your targets plays a major role in this competition. How can we do this in the first place? Well, you as the owner probably has your customers list before. Given that fact that you started your business, perhaps you know who are you willing to provide your products and services.

  • Study Carefully the potentials os strengths of your products and services

This phase of products development and research will also play a major role in the success of the company. Why? It is common sense that if you master your products selling points you can articulately deliver to your audience your products very well with convincing power! This is true because giving facts and figures to your customers will stun them since  relevant data and information will amaze them the power of your products and services!

  • Make a list of your customer testimonials

Aside from giving facts to your customers, there is a power in giving them testimonials. Providing them the real experiences of those who used your products will send a message to their minds and heart that you are really effective and amazing! How can we do this? Make a survey and a feedback forms for your customers. Give them the opportunity to speak and collect all the positive feedbacks.

  • Create the WHY or the reasons why they should choose you

So you already have the facts, data, and the emotional ingredients, at this time we need to reinforce it with WHYs! Giving someone them the reasons to choose you is powerful enough to provoke them to crave for you. Come on don’t get us wrong. Do you still remember the time you are interviewed before you are hired to work? Perhaps the question”why should we hire you” is a common question you heard before.

  • Teach and Educate your customers or audience

How to increase your company sales using SEO by 100% ? the answer is now very clear – TEACH THEM!

Where is SEO here?

Now here comes the bottomline of How to increase your company sales using SEO by 100%. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization right? The moment you have completed the above steps, this part will do the tricks!

Compile all the information, data, figures, reviews, feedbacks, testimonials, and all selling points in WRITTEN FORMAT. That’s right, write everything down! All these things must be put in written form and publish it in your website.

If you do not have a website that a bigger problem. There are many ways to create a website but in the meantime let us assume that we have one.

Okay once you have published all to your website submit it to google using webmaster tools. Spread it in your social media accounts like facebook, twitter and so on.

Tips and Warnings

  1. Be honest with yourself. If you need exaggeration, use it realistically and with sense
  2. Never mislead your customer with wrong information because it will fire back to you.
  3. SEO today is not all about for search engines but for users thus your website is created for users and not for google bots. It must be clear in your mind.
  4. How to increase your company sales using SEO? The answer to this question equates with your user experience.
  5. Take advantage the power of Social Media
  6. Never be discouraged along the way becasue it is not over until you win!