what is seo

What is SEO

How to increase your company sales using SEO | Many companies are fighting online to get more sales and profits. They use many strategies in mind and as a matter of fact, some of them are aggressive while others are just enjoying the ride. Honestly speaking, the competition nowadays is tighter than before.

How to increase your company sales using SEO

We are going to share here based on our professional experience with SEO strategies for several years. It means to say that what you will learn here are 100% proven and tested.

  • Analyze and brainstorm who your targets are

Initially, studying your targets plays a major role in this competition. How can we do this in the first place? Well, you as the owner probably has your customers list before. Given that fact that you started your business, perhaps you know who are you willing to provide your products and services.

  • Study Carefully the potentials os strengths of your products and services

This phase of products development and research will also play a major role in the success of the company. Why? It is common sense that if you master your products selling points you can articulately deliver to your audience your products very well with convincing power! This is true because giving facts and figures to your customers will stun them since  relevant data and information will amaze them the power of your products and services!

  • Make a list of your customer testimonials

Aside from giving facts to your customers, there is a power in giving them testimonials. Providing them the real experiences of those who used your products will send a message to their minds and heart that you are really effective and amazing! How can we do this? Make a survey and a feedback forms for your customers. Give them the opportunity to speak and collect all the positive feedbacks.

  • Create the WHY or the reasons why they should choose you

So you already have the facts, data, and the emotional ingredients, at this time we need to reinforce it with WHYs! Giving someone them the reasons to choose you is powerful enough to provoke them to crave for you. Come on don’t get us wrong. Do you still remember the time you are interviewed before you are hired to work? Perhaps the question”why should we hire you” is a common question you heard before.

  • Teach and Educate your customers or audience

How to increase your company sales using SEO by 100% ? the answer is now very clear – TEACH THEM!

Where is SEO here?

Now here comes the bottomline of How to increase your company sales using SEO by 100%. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization right? The moment you have completed the above steps, this part will do the tricks!

Compile all the information, data, figures, reviews, feedbacks, testimonials, and all selling points in WRITTEN FORMAT. That’s right, write everything down! All these things must be put in written form and publish it in your website.

If you do not have a website that a bigger problem. There are many ways to create a website but in the meantime let us assume that we have one.

Okay once you have published all to your website submit it to google using webmaster tools. Spread it in your social media accounts like facebook, twitter and so on.

Tips and Warnings

  1. Be honest with yourself. If you need exaggeration, use it realistically and with sense
  2. Never mislead your customer with wrong information because it will fire back to you.
  3. SEO today is not all about for search engines but for users thus your website is created for users and not for google bots. It must be clear in your mind.
  4. How to increase your company sales using SEO? The answer to this question equates with your user experience.
  5. Take advantage the power of Social Media
  6. Never be discouraged along the way becasue it is not over until you win!
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