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Why Blogging Philippines

Blogging started out as a means of expression for individuals, enabling them to share their views and opinions about their inclinations and interests in life.  Blogs still serve as a public avenue for this kind of reflective activities.  However,  it has evolved into a more complex cyber-sphere and a very powerful tool in the hands of different people from all walks of life with different purposes:

Blog to network with people with same interests as yours

We are now living in a global village and people from different parts of the world can connect with each other through blogs.  Whether your passion is for the arts or sciences, technology or philosophy, or anything under the sun, you can easily build networks of people of the same inclination and form a club or group through blogs and share knowledge or information that would benefit the enthusiasts of a specific field of interest.

Blog for PR and Advocacy

For those who work or push for campaigns and different forms of PR and Advocacy, blogging has become a powerful tool to persuade and recruit followers.  Even religious groups and various sects make use of blogs to promote their beliefs and convince people to join them.  Words and infographics have become powerful tools of persuasion today for those who blog to advocate certain beliefs and even doctrines.

Blog to Build Professional Network

The easiest way to build professional networks without the hassle of travelling from one place to another is to blog.  You can be able to establish your niche online and be able to gain access to various organizations worldwide that could provide your professional needs and requirements.

Blog to Make Money Online

Business establishments create blogs primarily to expand online presence, connect with potential clients, promote their brand, and even generate online revenue. Beyond these results, businesses use content marketing to rank their posts among search engines in order to generate residual leads and income.

Blog to establish your Authority in Your Industry

Authority is easily established when people read your blogs.  When your blog becomes popular, it becomes a powerful tool to serve your purposes for your audiences.  Your blog is a direct advertisement of your credibility, reliability and authority.  When people trust and believe you, you have the ability to endorse beliefs or even sell products and services. You can also serve as an agency to meet the needs of people online.

Blog to help and guide people

blogs can also serve as a source of information, guidance and reference.  Blogging can help other people not to make the same mistakes as you did.  You can publish information that can provide instructions or warnings to prevent harm. Government agencies made use of blogs for public information and services, likewise.

Blog to educate and share your knowledge

teachers and educators have learned how to blog for educational purposes.   If you love teaching, blogging can be a means and opportunity to educate those who may be interested in your field of expertise. The best part is that, as you start building your resources on your blog to teach others, you will discover opportunities to monetize your blog by creating instructional products/materials and even offer your services online.

  • The truth is there are endless opportunities in blogging and we are still discovering them.  Brilliant ideas come into our mind and because blogging gives us a chance to connect globally, we are able to tap into a wide range of online resources that come to us at a minimal expense.  And because blogging utilizes the visual and interactive media, this allows room for creativity and ingenuity which matters much to the millennial audience. Algorithms make it possible to measure data and information online, so money comes in when your blog becomes really popular.  When your blog becomes in demand, you may, even unexpectedly enjoy the benefits  and  paybacks of your endeavor.
  • For those who do not have the luxury of time to design and maintain their own blogs, you can also commission professional bloggers to do the job for you.   Blogging is powerful because of the unimaginable speed of being able to reach people on a global scale with the simple push of buttons.  Power, authority, popularity, influence and profit are all paybacks of excellent blogs. Those who are smart and wise will utilize blogging to secure desired results and have an edge over others who wanted the same marks.
  • As Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Why wait when you can facilitate? Why take risks when you can secure a sure end? Why go manual when you could opt for what modern technology has to offer? Why keep beneficial information to yourself when you can share it to others very easily? Why lag behind when you can blog ahead?
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